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Businesses are dealing with the ever growing challenge of explosive data growth. Recent data studies show that corporate data has grown 50% annually over the past three years and estimates place data growth as high as 600% over the next three.  That is 988 Exabytes or approximately enough storage to keep the entire contents of the Library of Congress in a digital format 988 Million times.  With this growth, worldwide corporate data is expected to eclipse current systems.

Finding the right storage solution to base and expand your growing storage is one of the most important aspects of your operational needs. Our engineering and sales staff works closely with you to understand your needs today as well as in the future. AR Consultant Group can provide storage solutions for you so you can function today as well as expand your storage systems as you expand your business - keeping your business operating unimpeded and without data loss. Store your data safely and securely, ready for retrieval at any time.

AR Consultant Group will equip you with customized solutions to manage and maintain that growth with products that are affordable, flexible and easily integrated into existing storage infrastructures. A zettabyte by 2010: Corporate data grows fiftyfold in three years, 2007

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